AquaHome is currently available in two models:


An AquaHome with excellent nautical properties and a very extensive trim level. Choose from the upgrade packages to fully customise your houseboat.


This package offers a low environmental impact and many other options that improve  the green footprint of your AquaHome

AquaHome Comfort, for a comfortable
and sustainable stay on the water

AquaHome Comfort

he AquaHome Comfort is a trimaran, consisting of two hulls with the living area deck in between. The total area is 12 x 5 meters. The strong CE-D certified construction with a special polyester hull shape ensures stability and is designed to be able to  perform at speed.

For propulsion, the AquaHome is fitted  with 1 x 40 HP 4-stroke outboard engines as standard equipment (more horsepower is optional). The hulls contain the technical areas and the fresh and grey water tanks, accessible through self-draining hatches. You will get standard a bow thruster. Mooring poles are optional.

The living area is fully insulated, winterproof and comfortable  with construction from sustainable sandwich panels and  anodized profiles. The living area is 4 x 9 meters, and the interior can (optionally) be customized to your own individual ideas.

AquaHome Comfort has a spacious living room with a comfortable seating area and an all-round view. A sliding door provides access to the spacious front deck. The open kitchen is equipped with the necessary built-in equipment. Two bedrooms offer no less than four sleeping places (master bedroom with a double bed and the second bedroom with a bunk bed (s)). The luxury bathroom is fully equipped with a spacious shower cubicle, toilet, washbasin with hot and cold  running water and  lots of  storage space.

AquaHome Eco, improve the green footprint

AquaHome Eco

This package offers a low environmental impact and many other options that improve the green footprint of your AquaHome: a sustainable and silent electric propulsion system that optimizes motoring comfort and solar panels that add to the available power capacity.

Lithium batteries offer more potential such as hot water and/or electric cooking.